While You Wait for Your New Puppy
(Your Weekly Homework)


Week 1 (birth to 1 week)


Week 2 (1 - 2 weeks old)

  • Watch the Puppy Culture DVD.  Ask us for more information.

  • Know the Rules for upcoming Open Houses:

For all visits to our home, for the safety of our pups, we must ask that you do not visit any dog parks, pet stores, vet clinics, or any other places with dogs (including other breeders) within the 24 hours prior to visiting us.


When visiting with the puppies, fresh laundered clothes are appreciated, just to be safe.  Removing of shoes in the house will be required from here forward, so please expect to go home with hairy/dirty socks. ;)


The puppies are very susceptible to disease and I cannot tell you how many breeders I know that have lost an entire litter, even up to 7 weeks of age because of puppy owners unknowingly affecting the dogs.  Our adult dogs have good immune systems and can fight things off much easier than pups. We expect everyone to follow these rules and appreciate your understanding in this regard!


Week 3​ (2 - 3 weeks old)


Remember, your puppy will go home with a kit from us, similar to this one:

Week 4 (3 - 4 weeks old)

Week 5 (4 - 5 weeks old)

  • Start researching what food you will feed your puppy & any possible supplements you might provide.

  • Research vaccines and other health information.

Info found in the Puppy Care Guide binder and our website.  Ask us questions!!!  We are more than happy to provide further information.


Week 6 (5 - 6 weeks old)

It’s time to start thinking about a training plan for your new puppy.  We love clicker training.  Marker or Clicker Training gets amazingly quick results.  Here are some links to get you started.




Why Cigarettes are More Addicting than Heroin and How It Applies to Dog Training: https://drsophiayin.com/blog/entry/dog-training-tip-why-cigarettes-are-more-addicting-than-heroin-and-how-it-a/


FDSA Free Puppy Book



Week 7 (6 - 7 weeks old)

More training information.



Victoria Stillwell – Discipline for Your Dog (4.5 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnlbzqMbilE


Why “Choice” is the Critical Key to a Great Dog


Its yer choice (IYC) - the long version of IYC with the red cattle dog mix. http://dogsthatlisten.com/tim/

IYC Article 1 & IYC Article 2

Susan Garretts’ Free Dog Training Workshop on Facebook

Week 8 (7 - 8 weeks old)

Are you ready for your new puppy?  One more week to go.


Week 9 – Puppy Pick Up!! (8 - 9 weeks old)

On pick up day:

  • Expect about an hour to go through all the paperwork.  Please note that you do not have to bring the contract as we will have everything ready for you.

  • Puppies do well travelling home on somebody’s lap, a crate is not necessary for the car ride home.

  • Puppies do go home freshly bathed.

  • Remember to bring:

    • a leash

    • a towel or blanket to rub on mom and take home with you

    • the puppy binder you were given so we can add information to it

By appointment only please


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