How Dogs Learn

Positive reinforcement training will increase the probability of a desired behaviour being repeated.  Simply put, behaviours that are rewarded are repeated.    While rewarding behaviours, everything and everyone present during training will become associated with that reward.​

  • Train through positive reinforcement of desired behaviour.

  • Maintain desired behaviour through practice.

Feedback for any behaviour that you wish to increase or decrease must be given within a second of the behaviour

  • Use a reward marker “good” and a gentle no-reward marker “oops/whoops” as feedback.

Dogs are masters at reading body language

  • Use hand signals along with verbal cue/cue/commands

Dogs can discriminate fine differences in their environment

  • Train everywhere and with everyone

Benefits of reinforcement

  • Positive reinforcement fosters confidence and trust.

  • Positive reinforcement becomes associated with the person delivering it.

  • Positive reinforcement is easy to give and to receive.

Problems with punishment

  • Punishment can cause aggression.

  • Punishment becomes associated with the person giving the punishment.

  • Punishment has to be strong enough to be effective but without causing physical or psychological damage – a difficult and sensitive balance.


​We love clicker training.  Marker or Clicker Training gets amazingly quick results.  Here are some links to get you started.

FDSA Free Puppy Book

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