Frequently asked questions

How long is the wait list? Where am I on the wait list?

It's hard to say with any certainty how long our wait list is. We have some families that are waiting for a pup from a certain mom, or they are waiting for a particular gender or colour preference. And sometimes we have families that want to be on our list and wait for the timing to be right for them. It is always an evolving list. All of this also depends on how many pups are born as well as how many of each gender.

What is included in the cost of a puppy?

  • A written sales contract that includes a 2 year health guarantee
  • CKC registration with a non-breeding contract (with microchip identification)
  • 4 weeks of complimentary pet insurance
  • Preparing for Your Puppy Information (includes feeding & grooming instructions, training information, pedigree, etc.)
  • A full veterinary exam
  • 1st set of vaccines and deworming up to date (dewormed at least 3 times)
  • A small supply of premium food
  • Life time support for any questions or concerns
A Puppy Kit similiar to this one:

Will you ship your puppies?

No. We require all families to meet with us once before being approved for a puppy.

Can we visit the puppies?

Yes! We encourage it. Once puppies reach a certain age, we normally ask all families getting a pup from that litter to come and visit and play with the puppies. This is by appointment only.

Can I pick my own puppy?

No, but let us explain. We pick puppies for our families as we believe this sets up our puppies and families for success.

We are with the pups 24/7, we get to know them very well and we spend a lot of time interacting with them over the 9 weeks we raise them. We watch how they interact with new environments, toys, dogs, cats, people, kids, etc. We also get to know our families very well and we look at your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a puppy and do our best to match you with the correct puppy.

A lot of people think that the puppy chooses them, in our opinion, this is not the case. That puppy that "came up to you and did x, y, or z" also did that to the person before you, or Mike and I daily.