1. How long is the wait for a puppy?  Where am I on the wait list?

We do keep record of those that contact us and the order they contacted us in, but it is hard to say with any certainty. Some families may prefer to wait for a pup from a specific female, sometimes families prefer to wait for spring/summer litters, others have a colour/gender preference, etc.  On top of this, it also depends on a number of variables such as: if the breeding of our girl is successful, how many puppies are born, what gender the puppies are, etc.  The wait could be anywhere from 6 months - 16 months.

2. What is included in the cost of the puppy?

All of our puppies go home with the following:

  • A written sales contract that includes a 2 year health guarantee

  • CKC registration with a non-breeding contract (with tattoo identification)

  • 4 weeks of complimentary pet insurance

  • Puppy Information Binder (includes training information, feeding & grooming instructions, pedigree, etc.)

  • A full veterinary exam

  • 1st set of vaccines and deworming up to date (dewormed at least 3 times)

  • A "Puppy Pack" similar to the one below including a small supply of premium food

  • Life time support for any questions or concerns

3. Can I pick my puppy?

We are with the puppies 24/7 from the moment they are born and it is our policy to correctly match each puppy with the appropriate family.  We choose the puppy for each family by approximately 7 or 8 weeks of age.


We like to get to know the families as best we can through the adoption form and interviews.  We will take your preferences into consideration when making a choice of which pup is best suited for you.  We take into consideration all of the following when choosing a pup for you:

  • the personality of the pup

  • temperament

  • reaction to new rooms/items/sounds

  • the energy level (based on what each family is looking to do with their dog ie. walks, sports, camping/hiking, trails, swimming, etc.)

  • how it gets along with it's siblings/adult dogs/us/strangers/strange dogs

  • how much training and socialization the family is planning on doing

  • the number of children and their age in the family or grandchildren

  • other pets in the household


Although it is easy to fall in love with a picture, this does not always give you a good idea of the "whole picture".  In the timeframe of a visit – quite often a puppy that was sleeping for the previous hour will be up and playful and the one that was playing will seem sleepy and uninterested.  We spend a lot of time with a litter of pups and get to know each of them very well!  We can say that to date, we have had complete success with this method.


4. Can I visit the puppies?

Yes!  We encourage it.  We do not allow any visits before the puppies are 4 weeks of age for their protection.  Once they are 4 weeks old, we try to have “open houses” for the new puppy owners.  Appointments must be made in advance to visit the puppies.


5. Will you ship your puppies?

No.  We require each family to meet us in person at least once before the puppy goes home and pups must be picked up by the family.

By appointment only please


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