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Jaad Enchantment On The Bay

Call Name: Casey

Date of Birth: June 25, 2011

View Casey's pedigree here.


Casey is the show/breeding pick bitch from Emmy's first litter with Simon from Braefield Goldens.

Casey is an easygoing, but fun-loving girl. She loves to play frisbee or snuggle on the couch. She is always so willing to please and is very eager to learn new things.

Casey has been retired from breeding after having her second litter due to complications during delivery and having to have an emergency c-section and spay.  She will spend her retirement with us and enjoying all the things she loves.

We are hopeful that her daughter, Akira, will continue this line (Aurora, Emmy, Casey, and now Akira).

Casey 1
Casey has missed having a coffee table....and now I remember why we got rid of the last one
Took the dogs for a run today through some trials and fields with Jennifer Smallman and Michelle Sma
This is the first time Casey is learning this. It was really difficult for her to keep her head stil
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