Here is a list of the products we recommend.  Pictures of everything below.


Greyhound Comb

or for fun


Comb (if don't want to purchase from UK lol)


Undercoat Rake (NOT blades - never use blades!)



Slicker Brush - for doing tops of feet and also helps with ears



Roseline is the brand we use, we buy them from

Small Straight feet scissors, 5" long

Single sided thinning shears with 45 or 46 teeth

Double sided thinning shears with 30 or 32 teeth

Nail Trimmers



We also use a cordless dremel with a diamond nail bit to dremel our dogs nails.



Greyhound Comb BRUTE CANDY
Greyhound Comb BRUTE Sparkle
Slicker - Mark II
Undercoat Rake
Double Row Undercoat Rake
Nail Clippers
Straight Shears
Single sided Thinning Shears
Double Sided Thinning Shears
Cordless Dremel
DiamondG Dremel Bit
BeaconsHill Dremel
Diamagroove - Dremel Bit