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We have put together a list of our favourite places to look up information for a more holistic approach.  We do not deny our dogs necessary diagnostics, care or medication.  Our approach with our dogs is about prevention and our goal is to acheive optimal health through the most natural means possible while working hand-in-hand with our vet. 


Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Peter Dobias are two vets with a more holistic approach.  They both have websites and blogs and youtube vidoes that we like and find helpful and enjoy following.  Dogs Naturally Magazine also has many excellent articles!!  They are usually our first go-to when doing research on something.


Dr. Karen Becker:

Dr. Peter Dobias:

Dogs Naturally Magazine:

Rodney Habib (love his DIY videos and research into cancer):


For our own dogs, we do not use flea/tick prevention.

EM Tick Collar:

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