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Our Goldens are only given the highest quality premium foods and supplements.  We switched our dogs over to a complete raw diet in April of 2016.  We have noticed many improvements in our own dogs since making the switch from kibble to raw; including a few things like better breath, cleaner teeth, less stool, and improved coat condition, just to name a few.

We highly recommend starting with a commercial raw dog food that has nutritional analysis done on all of their food and also list the percentages of bone/meat/organ content. There is no math or calculations necessary with these ones, just measure the food, add herring oil and feed your dog.  It's that simple!

We encourage every pet owner to continue feeding premium foods.  Suggested high quality brands we recommend:
Raw Performance

Big Country Raw Brand

Iron Will Raw


Tollden Farms


Homemade diets are not recommended for growing puppies.

We do not recommend or encourage kibble diets for our dogs. If applying for one of our pups, please note that we prefer raw feeding.  However, if feeding a kibble, for all Golden Retrievers, we recommend choosing formulas of food that does not have peas, lentils, legumes, alfalfa, potatoes, etc. listed within the first 10 – 14 ingredients.  There is a theory and studies being done that grain free foods are causing a taurine deficiency that results in dogs being diagnosed with dilated cardio myopathy (DCM); in many cases, leading to death. Please visit this link for more information: We are of the mind "better safe than sorry" with regards to this.

If you are interested in learning more about raw dog food, here are some links to excellent articles on getting started with raw feeding.

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