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Preparing for your New Golden Retriever Puppy Course


We have created an online learning course to help everyone that might be getting a golden retriever puppy (or similar type breed).  This course includes lifetime unlimited access to a ton of information on feeding, health, grooming, vaccines, appropriate exercise, training, puppy basics like biting, nipping, chewing, house training, crate training, etc., and more! Years of knowledge and experience in one convenient place for a super low price! Even if you have owned dogs in the past, there will be something new to learn in this course.

The course information is generalized and will recommend following your breeders' recommendations on things like feeding, vaccines, and spay/neuter as different breeders (and breeds) may have certain guidelines to be followed.  Families that get a puppy from us will be expected to go through our own personalized version of this course.

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